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One of my favorite books "Acts of the Apostles" says on page 12, that the church is "the object of God's supreme regards."  If the church is the object of God's supreme regard, (I believe it truly is), then it stands a good chance that it would naturally be the object upon which the devil concentrates his most intense rage, because the Bible confirmed that the dragon (the devil) was "wroth" (angry, rage, made war) with the woman (the Church) see Revelation 12:17.

My fellow disciples on the journey, as the great final storm approaches, it is with earnest desire and prayer, that I invite you to press closer to our Chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ, and to one another, so that we can witstand the deceptions of the enemy. Let us continually maintain our FIRST LOVE relationship with Jesus (Revelations 2:2-5), feeding on daily mana (prayer and God's Word see Psalm 119:11) more than ever before. Let us pray for each other, so we can go HOME with Jesus soon! I would love to hear from you - e-mail me at VanLSailo377@juno.com

- Pastor Van Lalkima Sailo